Saturday, July 11, 2009


I was looking for a bigger font for my terminals as 6x13 was starting
to look too small on my display. For terminals, I prefer the crisp and
sharp appearance of bitmap fonts although Envy Code R is not bad at
all. Ctrl-Rightclicking on XTerm gives you a menu where you can select
a large font which turns out to be 9x18.

Originally part of the ucs-fonts package, the font got merged into
core X distribution. This is what the website says about the font:

9x18 is an improved version of 9x15 that has more space above and
below the base characters to increase readability and to allow
overstriking combining characters to work properly.

Indeed, the font is nice and tall (although some may say spindly) with
a good inter-line spacing making it a good choice for terminals. Also
the font has a good coverage of characters. For example, it includes
all mathematical symbols, smiley and even chess pieces (terminal based
FEN viewer anyone?)

-Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--18-120-100-100-C-90-ISO10646-1 is the
actual XLFD 9x18 is aliased to but on my machines (Ubuntu and
OpenSuSE), the fonts.alias file did not have the entries so I had to add
them manually.

Versions of -misc-fixed family are also available for Windows. My cmd.exe
windows use 6x13 giving me plenty of lines of clear text.