Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello again!

Back to blogger after roaming elsewhere for three years. As was mentioned in my last post here, I moved my blog to WordPress but was never happy which ofcourse had to with the then prevailing confusion in my life rather than wordpress itself. I eventually deleted that blog in early 2008 and then moved my blog to my own VPS on linode. After grappling with toolset issues (dokuwiki, blorg, ikiwiki) finally settled on pier which is what the fork of this blog is currently running on at .

In the meanwhile this "dead" blog was getting more hits than all the other blogs put together. Also blogger is now a google service which meant that it was auto-associated with my gmail account which happens to be my primary email account. There were also additional conveniences like mail2blogger which suits my workflow than logging in and editing posts inside a HTML editor (which I really hate btw). All these factors made me want to switch back to blogger and continue my original blog. However there was a nasty problem: I forgot the password and the email that was associated with my blogger account was no longer there. So this blog was more or less orphaned but the hits kept coming. Wrote a few times to Google but I guess my requests went to /dev/null.

Finally, today I sat down to methodically try and eliminate all the passwords I've used so far in my life. After an hour of trial (and getting kicked out) I managed to login!!!

So here I am, back to where I first started.


Saroo said...

Great to see you back.Hope you won't disappear again. Seriously I have laughed this much after a long time. "I forgot my password..." haahaaa