Monday, September 11, 2006

This weekend...

Indrani came to Salem this week and stayed with us for the weekend. We drove to Yercaud hills. It was a one and half hour drive from my place. The weather was very pleasant, misty and a little bit of rain. We saw the various vantage points. At the highest point, 1500m above MSL, is the Servarayan cave temple. The temple houses Lord Servarayan and goddess Cauvery and it is said that the cave runs so deep that it touches the river Cauvery. It is believed that the god and the goddess are the protectors of the surrounding hills and hence they take the name from him which the Britishers have anglicized to "Shervaroy hills". We walked on the nearby meadow and it was an interesting experience to see the mist covering and clearing every now and then. From the other side of the meadow, one could clearly see portions of the hill that were shaved off by the bauxite miners. Not a pretty sight. We could'nt go to the waterfall because of bad roads and we were too lazy to walk 10Kms. We missed out on a few places but given the short stay, we managed to cover a lot. On our way back, we even climbed a fire monitoring tower installed near a hair-pin bend where we got a nice view of Salem!

I'm quite bad at photography. Indrani sure had a tough time teaching me framing etc. However, I still ended up taking pictures by simply "pointing and clicking". Here are some pictures.

We got a lot of things sorted out regarding acharya/peixes and the direction that the urdu editor will take. Apart from that, we also chatted for a long time. Little did I know that Indrani can sing well. She sang a few Bangla songs and I also made her sing a few verses from Thiruvasagam. Needless to say, it was fun listening her sing Thiruvasagam.

Overall, it was a great weekend.


Saroo said...

seems to be wonderfull weekend you had. Good enjoy. Definetly missed Indrani singing Thiruvasgam ;)