Saturday, July 08, 2006

Swami Nithyananda's Mahamantra

My sister recently underwent a 10 day training program at Dhyanapeetam, Swami Parahamsa Nithyananda's ashram, located at Bidadi near Bangalore. She got me a few books and a CD which introduces a meditation technique called Mahamantra . It is a very simple technique and all you have to do is hum for 20 minutes and do nothing for the next 10 minutes. The humming should be as loud and deep as possible. Also the time period between successive hums should be as minimal as possible. The only prerequisite is that the stomach should be empty when doing this meditation. In the introduction, the swamiji says that this technique was adapted from Tibetan Buddhists and it is practised best early in the morning. Faithfully, I started off at 6am and finished around 6:40am. Although I could not sense any big change in me, I was definitely feeling light (ie, less heavy). I think part of that feeling comes from the fact that today is a Saturday and I do not have much to do ;) .

Hope to continue the meditation daily and post my experiences here.

The Swamiji's official website is here.


boymj said...

yes, its realy work. i also atent the asp course.