Friday, July 07, 2006

Hyderabad trip...

I was in Hyderabad the whole of last week to finish some things at RFC. Also, Indrani, BGa and Saroo have all quit and thought it would be nice to see them once before they move on to their respective destinations. It turned out to be a very relaxing trip. The daily routine of eating, chatting, watching tv, sleeping and no work would have made even Garfield jealous.

On some days, Sayandeb joined us and told us jokes from his work. The first time I met him, two years ago, he appeared to be a quiet person who prefers to work alone (atleast that is what Nithin told me). But this time, I was completely surprised by the volume... especially at 2am in the morning! . Too many Telugu films perhaps... ;)

dkg garu is another person who amazes me with his uptime. The man would do two shifts back to back, come home and straightaway pick a book or watch a film and continue without any fuss! . Wonder where these people get their stamina from...

Sayan took us to the tomb of a French General, Mon. Raymond (a.k.a Moosa Rahim). Very nice place (very few humans around), at a walkable distance from Indrani's place. Located on top of a mound, it offered a nice view of some parts of the city. When we went there, a strong breeze was blowing across. Fanstastic feeling to stand tall on a rock and face the breeze.

In RFC, met ABC and discussed a few chess related things like opening repertoire etc. He got me the scores of my games against Sasikiran and D.V Prasad from a rating tournament held in Salem long back. I lost a lot of scoresheets of my games when I shifted my residence in 2002. Have to archive the ones that I have and put them online.

In the evenings, did a lot of shopping. Came close to buying a HP Pavilion dv5200TX notebook. But the ICICI deal was temporarily not available for this month. Hopefully, should be available next month. 66,000 spread over nine months looks like a good deal.

All in all, it was a nice trip.Thoroughly enjoyed it. A big thank you to Indrani and dkg garu for putting up with a bugger that is me.


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