Monday, February 21, 2005

Stepanov's advice for "Young Programmers"

Durga forwarded me this . In the post, Alex Stepanov is mentioned as Principle Scientist, Adobe Systems. In case you did'nt come across the name, he was the principal designer of STL and generic programming in C++ (and Ada).


sudha said...

hey a gereral comment..
i think ur previous template was better than the new bright one!Fonts for headings r very big!

Krishna said...

Well, I discussed this with Durga and he came up with this explanation: "I chose this (bright) colour scheme becoj I'm in Hyderabad" :)

sudha said...

well yup..wht u said is right..
bright-hyderabad go hand in hand!
but he mixed up lil blend of oriya to our hyderabadi bright scheme!n the result can b seen!