Monday, February 21, 2005

Fonts for code editing

Today, woke up with a swollen left eye. Came to office in the afternoon. After finishing the pending code cleanups, decided to cleanup the mess that is my home directory. Found a few font files lying there. I downloaded them sometime back when I was looking for some nice programmer friendly fonts. By programmer friendly I mean fonts that are easy to read, pleasant so that you can stare at it for long hours, clearly distinguish characters like 0,O,1,l,I and also pack many lines in one screen. So I decided to give these fonts a try:

  • Anonymous - this is my current choice.



  • ProFont

  • Proggy fonts - the ttf fonts are terrible. However, the bitmap versions work fine.

  • Terminus - I really like these fonts. Since these are bitmap fonts, I'll have to specify the full XLFD string which is a real pain. This is the only reason stopping me from using these fonts. The README says that the fonts work on Linux and BSD consoles too but I could not get them to work (consolechars failed to load the font file).


  • Monaco - I think I copied this from a Mac. If the font is freely available, I'll switch ;)


I'll start hunting for more fonts after Bihar elections. In the meanwhile, if you have any pointers to good fonts please leave a comment.

BTW, the screenshots were taken using Shutterbug - a fine screengrabber that comes with the FOX toolkit.