Saturday, February 19, 2005

Factor-0.72 released

From the changelog:

  • Tuples.

  • Improved Windows port, thanks to Mackenzie Straight.

  • Improved web framework, thanks to Chris Double.

  • Beginnings of GUI toolkit -- try running examples/gadget-test.factor.

  • Automatically-resizing hashtables.

  • Doubly-linked mutable lists, thanks to Mackenzie Straight.

  • SDL-ttf binding for anti-aliased text rendering.

  • SQLite database binding, thanks to Chris Double.

  • Improved jEdit plugin.

  • Optimizations, bug fixes, cleanups.

Since 0.71, an x86 assembler is also available. I plan to write some Factor code after Bihar elections. CL is another language that I want to learn. Hmmm... elections... I hate them.