Monday, February 21, 2005

Stepanov's advice for "Young Programmers"

Durga forwarded me this . In the post, Alex Stepanov is mentioned as Principle Scientist, Adobe Systems. In case you did'nt come across the name, he was the principal designer of STL and generic programming in C++ (and Ada).

Fonts for code editing

Today, woke up with a swollen left eye. Came to office in the afternoon. After finishing the pending code cleanups, decided to cleanup the mess that is my home directory. Found a few font files lying there. I downloaded them sometime back when I was looking for some nice programmer friendly fonts. By programmer friendly I mean fonts that are easy to read, pleasant so that you can stare at it for long hours, clearly distinguish characters like 0,O,1,l,I and also pack many lines in one screen. So I decided to give these fonts a try:

  • Anonymous - this is my current choice.



  • ProFont

  • Proggy fonts - the ttf fonts are terrible. However, the bitmap versions work fine.

  • Terminus - I really like these fonts. Since these are bitmap fonts, I'll have to specify the full XLFD string which is a real pain. This is the only reason stopping me from using these fonts. The README says that the fonts work on Linux and BSD consoles too but I could not get them to work (consolechars failed to load the font file).


  • Monaco - I think I copied this from a Mac. If the font is freely available, I'll switch ;)


I'll start hunting for more fonts after Bihar elections. In the meanwhile, if you have any pointers to good fonts please leave a comment.

BTW, the screenshots were taken using Shutterbug - a fine screengrabber that comes with the FOX toolkit.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


This is a fine piece of work. For a person who does not know Sanskrit this is a great help. Since a word by word translation is provided, I can actually read it in Tamil and make sense out of it!

Factor-0.72 released

From the changelog:

  • Tuples.

  • Improved Windows port, thanks to Mackenzie Straight.

  • Improved web framework, thanks to Chris Double.

  • Beginnings of GUI toolkit -- try running examples/gadget-test.factor.

  • Automatically-resizing hashtables.

  • Doubly-linked mutable lists, thanks to Mackenzie Straight.

  • SDL-ttf binding for anti-aliased text rendering.

  • SQLite database binding, thanks to Chris Double.

  • Improved jEdit plugin.

  • Optimizations, bug fixes, cleanups.

Since 0.71, an x86 assembler is also available. I plan to write some Factor code after Bihar elections. CL is another language that I want to learn. Hmmm... elections... I hate them.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Jaggu dada to Chennai...

Was surprised to learn that Jagan is actually heading to Chennai and not Mumbai. He has joined HCL and will be working on storage.

Bloggomania is catching on in my team. Now everybody has one. Only Raju (our enthusiastic office attendent who is like a living google when it comes to day-to-day info) is left I guess. Will talk to him tomorrow :)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Goodluck Jaggu dada

Today is Jagan's last working day in ETV. He'll be moving to Reliance.
Good luck and best wishes to him.

Terrible day ...

Terrible day so far. Up and down to the PCRs,
fighting with a crashing Viz|RT and the list goes on...
Durga's was even bad. He had to give a presentation to the
NCs and the location was changed three times!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

BGa weds Saroo...

On the 13th, BGa married Saroo. We all (our team) went to the reception. BGa was looking great and Saroo was looking like an armoured vehicle. 'll have to admit it - getting back to work after a good dinner was very difficult indeed.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Arisimootai, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Designing and Writing Generic Facilities: A C++ Challenge

Sample chapter from Herb Sutter and Alexandrescu's book "Exceptional C++ Style".