Sunday, November 14, 2004


Skribe is a library of procedures in the Scheme language for marking up text from which outputs in various formats like HTML, PS and PDF can be generated.

Currently I'm using it to generate my website. Skribe can also be used to produce manuals and has good support for formatting source code. Examples of projects using Skribe for documentation:

  • Bigloo scheme compiler.

  • STKlos scheme interpreter.

  • And ofcourse, skribe itself.

Also checkout the STKlos site for an example of a website generated using Skribe.

So why Skribe instead of XHTML or some XML markup to seperate content from presentation ?

  • Beneath skribe is a full blown programming language (Scheme)

  • No need to get tangled in stylesheet programming

The only gripe (for non-lispers) is Lots of irritating silly parenthesis :) .