Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Borland has released a new C++ development environment that claims to be multi-platform and support multiple compiler toolsets. The nice thing about C++BuilderX is that it has form designers that generate code for wxWindows. From the information gathered from the wx mailing list, looks like Borland will put some effort into wxWindows. Interesting times ahead!

The minimum memory requirement is 256M !!! . Is it written in Java ? - The demo is cool anyway.

Check it out

Monday, September 15, 2003

Wasted some time fighting with M$ Acce$$ on date insertion. The problem was finally solved thanks to perl::DBI's excellent tracing facility.

Learning OpenGL is kinda fun. Today, I compiled and ran my second OpenGL program - (the solar system program from the "redbook")

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Yet another weekend goes by ...

As expected, India A defeated India B in the Challenger trophy. It was nice of Sachin to present the MoM to Sriram. Disappointed by the performance of McLaren though. Raikkonen still has an outside chance for the title. Had a nice siesta - thanks to the OpenGL "redbook" .

Friday, September 12, 2003

The day began with a bang!. As usual, I was sleeping in the bus on my way to the office when one of the rear tyres burst. Thank god it was not the front tyre. A few anxious moments nevertheless.

The day ended with a bang too! . The same tyre burst again when I was returning from the office. We did'nt panic this time though ...

Ah!. Finally, I've joined the blogging bandwagon.

Terrible day it was. Had to work on a web application using perl+apache+M$ Acce$$. The horrible thing was that the machine I had to work with did'nt have a proper text editor. So I had a choice between notepad, wordpad and the good old . But wordpad and notepad did'nt show line numbers and saving as plain text in wordpad is a pain. So I settled for edit. For an emacs user, this is a severe punishment.